How to improve an E- Cigarette with budget costs

Electronic cigarettes also known as smokeless cigarettes are an alternative method of consuming Nicotine.  They are non-carcinogenic alternative to the real cigarettes and are supposed to be cheaper. In case you only have to spend money for refilling the cartridge of the E-cig, you don’t have to spend as much money as you have to, for buying normal cigarettes. But the complex batteries and the associated USB chargers are not only expensive but are prone to malfunction.

Here are some steps for you to make your own e-cig with regular batteries and a new cartridge.

  • Step 1: Since the E-cigarette operate off 5-8dc with wattage higher than just from one battery, so battery voltage needs to be higher. Get 3 “D” (4 “C”) batteries, an electrical wire with length few inches more than the batteries laid together end to end in a line and a cardboard.
  • Step 2: Remove the insulation from the wire’s ends from both sides, 2-3 inches from one end and one inch from the other end.
  • Step 3: Roll the exposed 2-3 inches of wire into the form of a flat coiled disc. Connect an alligator clip to the other end of the wire and seal the connection by crimping it with pliers.
  • Step 4: Tie up the coiled end of the wire to the –ve terminal of one of the batteries with the help of electrical tape.
  • Step 5: Cut a piece of cardboard vertically and roll it into a tube with a diameter that can accommodate the batteries in it. Tie a rubber band at the top of the tube and fold up the bottom end and staple it close at the folding.
  • Step 6: take the battery which is connected to the wire and insert it into the cardboard tube with its negative terminal facing down towards the folded end. Keep the alligator clip as it sticks out the top of the tube with a rubber band. Insert the rest of the batteries inside the tube one by one in –ve to +ve order.
  • Step 7: Next you can make a male electrical connector for the e-cigarette cartridge. You can your own male connector by covering a screw which is the central terminal with insulating tape. Next you can cut down a “T” shaped sheet metal and twist it to fit between the cartridge’s outer terminal and around the taped middle of the center terminal. This will work fine as long as the center terminal or the screw is electrically insulated from the outer ring.
  • Step 8: When you want to use the e-cig, you just need to touch the cartridge’s center lead to the positive terminal of the top battery in the cardboard tube when you draw on the cartridge mouthpiece. When you are not using the e-cig, don’t let the center lead touch the battery terminal as this will result in overheating the filament inside the cartridge. Also make sure that the alligator clip is not in contact with the top battery as this will cause short circuit. You can adjust the shape of the cardboard tube, bending of the wire and position of the rubber band in such a way that the center lead of cartridge does not touch the top battery.
  • Step 9: Make sure you steep your e Juice. Steeping is the process of ageing the liquid over time to ensure the flavour has fully matured and can taste the way it should. This typically takes 4 days to 2 weeks depending on how vicious the liquid is. The thicker the e liquid the longer it takes to steep.

Even though the look of this e-cig is not very smart, this self made thing is really cheap and performs better than the readymade commercial e-cigarettes.