How to make a DIY e cigarette?

When you want to give up regular smoking and instead try electronic cigarettes, you have to be comfortable with the after effects as well as the cost should be in your budget. Apart from the battery cost which depends upon your usage, an e cigarette approximately costs $12. So to make your own cigarette, with the combination and flavour of your choice, you need to follow certain steps.
Mixing the e liquid flavours can be fun and exciting and rewarding and it s not at all complicated as it sounds. Amongst the juices used to make an e cigarette, three main ingredients form the main constituent: nicotine, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine and the flavour.

Nicotine is by far the most important part and you can adjust the level or the ratio as per your taste and suitability. Most of the vapers maintain somewhere between 6-24mg. If the nicotine is not flavoured, then make sure to dilute it as nicotine undiluted can be very dangerous and poisonous. Therefore protection should be taken while handling it, wear gloves and protective clothing.
In order to dilute the concentrated form of nicotine, either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) is added. PG is responsible for the regular cigarette like “kick” and VG is comparatively smoother, but helps in creation of more vapour. Depending on individual tastes, most vapers have a preferential mix of 20% VG to 80% PG while others go for 50:50.

You can experiment the most when you are adding the flavours as, other ingredients must adhere to exact measurements but the amount of flavour relies upon the strength of the flavour, the kind of equipment used and of course individual tastes. For some types 5% could be overpowering and lighter flavours need to be adjusted and added. Flavourings are generally mixed drop by drop to avoid contamination of the measuring equipment.

The equipment and ingredients required:

The essentials that you will need are:- nicotine, vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring, measuring cup, small funnel, eye-dropper, empty bottles, latex gloves, index cards and e-liquid calculator.
The mixing stage might be little cumbersome, where one needs to mix the correct proportion of nicotine with the other three or four ingredients, because the correct concentration makes all the difference. But the availability of an e-liquid calculator online has solved most of the problem. You can log onto eJuice me up, E-liquid recipe mixing calculator and many more for this correct measurement.

An e-calculator will help you to reach a consensus of the exact measurement of each ingredient to deliver the optimum result at the correct nicotine level. If we exemplify, with 5ml/36gm nicotine, 2 ml PG, 2 ml VG, 1 ml flavouring ( as recommended by the calculator), make note that half the mixture is nicotine.
Use index cards for labelling each recipe bottle, it s important to remember the contents of the bottle to enable repetition of the same mix again. The measuring cup is required to maintain the consistency of the nicotine strength and you should wear latex gloves when handling concentrated nicotine.

The Mix

After the mix, shake the bottle vigorously. Some vapes might take time to fully develop, so keep it standing for a few weeks and try going back again. You will be surprised to find the vape all the more better.